10 Best Pipe Cutter Options Available in the Market

A pipe cutter is a sort of a handy tool which commonly plumbers use to cut a pipe. It helps you to create a neat and tidy cut, the apparatus is frequently a quicker,  and more advantageous method for cutting pipes than utilizing a hacksaw, in spite of the fact that this relies on upon the material of metal of the pipe.

Two main kinds of pipe cutters are found. The first one is plastic tubing cutters that looks like a couple of cropping cutters which might be utilized for more tubes and slim pipes, for example, sprinkler pipe.

In order to cut thicker pipe there is a pipe cutter with sharp haggle jaw holds that used to cut it efficiently. So, it is very important to choose a good pipe cutter in order to get a clean cut. Following are the list of top 10 pipe cutter for you to choose wisely.

 ABN Ratchet Pipe Threader Kit – 9 Piece

ABN Ratchet Pipe Threader Kit is designed for cutting most sorts of plastic channels, PVC, CPVC, and PEX. Its Maximum cutting separation crosswise is amazing. It has a Lightweight aluminum body for straightforward use, Sharp and sturdy edge for the gainful cutting Replaceable CR-MO front line.

Investment in ABN Ratchet Pipe Threader Kit is worth it. It will provide you everything that is required for a good pipe cutter. Moreover it is very safe product.

It has a sharp and high edge for efficient cutting and has a good holder to avoid any type of injury, and also required a very low force to cut the pipe. It also contain an extra blade which you can change whenever is required.

The ABN Ratchet Pipe Threader Kit is surely the right mechanical assembly to cut the entire plastic tubing in the business focus. With a Most cutting separation crosswise, you’ll be ensured this gadget will do the business and your work gently and effectively. It has a spring release and retractable sharp edges for extra security.

You can moreover buy substitution tips for this model.  It has a ratchet framework for extra hold and straightforwardness of cutting. All around, this PVC Pipe Cutter plays out the work that is required of it, and due to some of its thing highlights, makes sense of how to outperform, stood out from another ratchet in the market at a comparable cost.

Every customer’s affection to Invest in ABN Ratchet Pipe Threader Kit gives you all the benefits which you are looking for. Since,this pipe cutter kit acclaim in various worldwide brands and stores on the planet, still its cost is reasonable as compare to other tools.

MAGBIT Tube Cutter Copper/EMT 1/8-Inch – 1-1/4-Inch Cut

MAG801 model 801.114C is a tube cutter to cut the copper and EMT which is made of Stainless Steel and PVC. It has an Interchangeable removing wheel which is very safe and keeps you away from any type of injury. It contain overpowering turn handle easy to use with gloves and has a spare rotary tube.

It cuts tube from 1/8″ estimation through 2-5/8″ broadness and a strong blade to cut gently and efficiently.  MAG801 has vitality to cuts EMT, Copper and stainless steel, each thing has gone with a built in DE barring mechanical assembly.

Its generous twist handles easy to use that will make your work easier. Most important thing it has wheels in handles which you can change at whatever point is required furthermore has an extra cutting wheel in a handle, prepared to Cuts Copper/EMT, Stainless Steel and PVC. The Interchangeable removing wheel helps whenever the blade gets weak. MAG801 can cut  around 3/4″ EMT Conduit and didn’t have a problem.

It is very easy to cut the tube firstly mark the spot with a marker, settle the cutter perfect on that stamp, then do around 2-3 unrests to cut through properly, then turn the handle about a quarter turn, then repeat it by 2-3 turns/feel setting until you cut the separation in any case. By that, you will have the ability to cut the copper or tube.

By then after that first cut, you have a not too bad, and you can do the rest a little while later, basically don’t attempt and over settle between every cut, or you will only end up beating the EMT Conduit.

MAG 801 cuts in copper/EMT, chrome steel, and PVC, has an estimation cut down – 1/eight-Inch to no short of what one-1/four-Inch, the most surprising component is that it has a Deburring programming in-amassed, Heavy curve handle simple to make usage of with gloves. So overall it is the best tool to cut copper efficiently and a perfect tool for use.

GOCHANGE Mini Tube Cutter Slice Copper Aluminum Tubing Pipe Cutting Tool

COCHANGE Mini is a cutter which is not only used to cut plastic pipe but also to cut aluminum. GOCHANGE Mini Tube Cutter is best cutter to slice or cut the pipe neatly. It has a Cutting utmost of3-22mm.

Idealize the instrument for cutting tubes or pipes made of copper, metal, PVC, or aluminum, plastic and that is just the tip of the ice sheet. As the cutting of metal is very difficult but this cutter let you not only cut the tube but also in an efficient manner. It is the Essential cutting device for your home handyman, jacks of all trades, circuit analyzers, and vehicle mechanics.

It has durable, lightweight slide and wheel lodging, and far-reaching knurled reinforce screw handle give primary control of cutting weight for clean cuts.

It is a Perfect gadget for cutting tubes or pipes made of copper, metal, PVC, or aluminum, plastic, and the sky is the breaking point from that point. It will cut copper metal aluminum and also plastic pipes. For such a sensible esteem, the GOCHANGE Mini Tube Cutter Slice Copper Aluminum Tubing Pipe Cutting Tool OD is extensively recommended and is a clear choice with by far most.

Lightweight slide and wheel lodging, and large knurled support screw handle give primary control of cutting weight for clean cuts Specifically expected for use in constrained spaces on little separation over, hard and fragile copper, aluminum, metal and plastic tubing Cutting point of confinement 3-22mm Package Included:1 x Mini Pipe Tube Cutter. When cutting a region of copper pipe for water supply, it cut adequately and flawlessly.

If you’ve never used a tube cutter, you put it around your pipe; settle the thumb screw, so it is comfortable. As it cuts into the tube, you essentially settle the thumb screw fairly more to cut further, and before you know it, you’re totally through, and you will have cut your pipe.

GOCHANGE Mini Tube Cutter is an aftereffect of a significantly dependable association and has different components that would make your life easier.

TEKTON Pipe Cutter 1/2-Inch to 2-Inch O.D

An incredible steel advancement helps the TEKTON Pipe Cutter to deal with visit plumbing actions effortlessly and viability.

An extra broad screw of T-handle energizes correct congruity of cutting weight a smooth, lively and necessary process. The Parallel rollers make sure the square cuts through copper, metal, aluminum, thin-divider steel and the metal course which is between 1/2. Besides, 2 in O.D.West coast instruments are happy to show the magnificent TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter 1/2-Inch to 2 Inch in O.D with such a great number of different components moreover it is very sharp to cut the pipe easily.  

The TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter has Heavy-commitment flexible steel diagram, set amalgam steel cutting wheel which is used to Cuts through copper, metal, aluminum, thin-divider steel and metal course. What’s more, it has extra large T-handle screw empower for an actual change of cutting weight and has parallel guide rollers which ensure square cuts and has excellent quality, It Is exceedingly respected and an outstanding choice for numerous people.

If you are looking for the pipe cutter which can cut copper, metal, aluminum and also broken iron pipe, pick the TEKTON Pipe Cutter. A flat out needs for not only gas line but different funnels ventures; it has a neater and which is more secure than hacksaw for TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter. Its packaging and reinforce pieces and handrails on decks and stairways as well.

Its wide Square Cut, cleaned coordinate rollers travel efficiently around a pipe, keeping composite steel cutting a proper wheel straight and reliable with a pass on square cut unfailingly. Broad T-handle helps in maintaining weight and work cutter, even when you have gloves on. TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter is an incredible gadget to be bought.

Master Plumber Large Pipe Tube Cutter

Master Plumber 745122 is a huge Diameter Tube Cutter that cuts five/eight” to two-1/eight” outer separation crosswise over the tubing. It has a Lengthy persevering structure, Cuts higher tubing easily and moreover an ensured contraption to use with no kind of mischief.

The Master Plumber Large Pipe Tube cutter can be opened up adequately wide to cut through directing measuring 2-1/8 inches in separation over, which makes it more than proper for most private and business plumbing applications. It has Large Diameter Tube Cutter that cuts 5/8″ to 2-1/8″ outside width tubing. What’s more, it has a great, high advancement, Cuts more excellent tubing viably.

Master Plumber 745122 has all that you require in a pipe cutter instrument. An essential thing is it adequately wide to cut any pipe viable and finely. Master Plumber Large Pipe Tube cutter is a great office for cutting channel as showed by your slant and effortlessness.

If you’re cutting large expansiveness free tubes, this is the minimum requesting instrument to proceed as takes after: First, contended the cutter onto the pipe adequately just to score the pipe on the essential passes. Step by step turns the tube while keeping the cutter stationery.

Ace Plumber Large Pipe Tube cutter is a superb tool for cutting pipe as demonstrated by your pitch and effortlessness. It has different components, a reasonable cost and a certification too.

Capri Tools MiniKlinge Mini Tube Cutter

MiniKlinge tube cutter has been created by Capri tools. It’s precise and snappy slicing would prompt to more fulfillments and the value charged is sensible as well.

Utilizing MiniKlinge tube cutter has a ton of points of interest. Additionally, the outline of the tube cutter is perfect which settles on it a decent decision as it makes cutting more straightforward and gives culminate completing to the edges of the pipe.  

MiniKlinge tube cutter is a top notch item; it is sturdy and effective consequently 92% individuals have given it five stars on Amazon, and no genuine complaints have been received therefore it turned out to be a brilliant decision for many. All you require from a tube cutter is fine cutting of the pipes!

The exceptionally sharp blade settles on it a flawless decision for you as it cuts the funnels easily leaving clean round edges. Another interest appended with the selection of MiniKlinge tube cutter is that it has an ability to cut an assortment of channels, concerning various sizes and materials, so this one tube cutter could be a lifeline whether you need to cut a metal pipe or a plastic one!

Alongside this, the tube cutter is helpful and has a lifetime guarantee which makes it worth acquiring.  MiniKlinge tube cutter is a fine instrument made up of a fantastic aluminum cast.

The tube cutter is accessible in a blue shade which is elegant itself consequently the device would be a wonderful expansion of your tool compartment.

Also, the tube cutter is ergonomically composed henceforth it is agreeable to work with, and it’s finished body gives it a pleasant hold, helping the handymen to work with it.

TEKTON Tubing Cutter 1/8-Inch to 1-1/8-Inch O.D.

For TEKTON 6460 Tubing Cutter the name says it all! TEKTON has substantiated itself regarding its toughness and incomparable quality henceforth the purchaser ought to buy it without uncertainty! Also, it’s safe body, light weight, and conservative size prove it to be the best decision.

TEKTON is a prestigious name in the instrument business for their client satisfaction, and for giving highly engineered apparatuses at a financial cost henceforth this tube cutter is an imaginative model composed by TEKTON which plans to help the experts, as well as its toughness and structure, makes the procedure way more snappy and simpler.  

TEKTON 6460 Tubing Cutter has an interesting design and shape which separates it in appearance as well as in its execution and capacities.  

TEKTON 6460 has a 1/8-inch to a 1-1/8-inch limit, and the cutter can be utilized to cut metal, copper, aluminum, steel and plastic tubes. Moreover, the cutting wheel is well sharpened and made up of solid steel, so it tends to cut the pipes easily. The extent of the tube cutter is 6.7 x 4.1 x 0.9 inches, and the weight is 8 ounces.

The most noteworthy advantage connected with TEKTON 6460 Tubing Cutter is that it has a retractable reamer sharp edge dissimilar to a large portion of alternate models.

Other than this the tube cutter has an ensured sturdiness as it is comprised of rough aluminum and the blade is especially sharp made up of intense steel amalgam, therefore, cutting the tubes has turned out to be far less demanding with TEKTON 6460.

This tube cutter has been exceptionally lauded because of the elements it has, however, its cons are that the tube cutter failed to cut flawlessly and the edges were observed to be rough and untidy, in addition, clients additionally discovered that the cutting wheel wasn’t as sharp and solid as asserted and it failed to cut tubes made up of metal.

Another point of view imperative to highlight is that as the value charged is insignificant, and the producer offers a lifetime guarantee consequently selecting this adaptable tube cutter is not an unsafe alternative.

General Pipe Cleaners Copper Tubing Cutter

For those of you who need to dispose of the hassle of utilizing a manual cutter, here is the best option! ATC12 tubing cutter is a programmed cutter which does not require any manual courses of action.

Because of its little size and smaller outline, it is to a great degree accommodating when a pipe should have been cut while plumbing yet there is no space for utilizing extensively measured tube cutters.

The one of a kind determination of ATC12 tubing cutter is that it doesn’t have any manual operations. You don’t have to turn any handles; you should simply put it around the pipe and close the doors; they will take care of consequently and as the cutter wheels are spring stacked in this way it would cut off the pipe itself with no manual endeavors!

It is only made to cut copper pipes and has an ability to cut channels with an inches distance across. Probably ATC12 tubing cutter is an extraordinary device; however, its advantages and disadvantages should be weighed deliberately before acquiring.

The most profitable component it has is the Autocut highlight through which the tubes can be cut in a split second, taking fundamentally less time than the conventional tube cutters.

Notwithstanding this ATC12 tubing cutter has an agreeable plan, it is anything but difficult to utilize and convey and its sharp edges can cut the copper tubes with one-inch freedom. ATC12 tubing cutter is a novel yet an exceptionally helpful item.

As the tube cutter has a stacked spring wheel cutter, it applies the perfect measure of weight to cut the funnels, and it guarantees client’s security also.

The utilization of other tube cutters is restricted given their broadened structures, and extensive sizes along these lines ATC12 tubing cutter is the best decision as it has no such confinements and can be utilized as a part of ordinary conditions and additionally for stub-out work and in slender spaces.

RIDGID Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter

RIDGID has successfully been able to assemble another excellent tool named 31642 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter which not just gives specialized support to specialists like you, additionally, guarantees the best quality. RIDGID 31642 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter is a great cutter for steel tubing.

The measurements of the cutter are 10 x 5.1 x 2.7 inches, and it measures 2 pounds. RIDGID 31642 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter has been designed to flawlessness thus it has an ergonomic X-CEL handle which is anything but difficult to grasp, and pipe can be cut easily and effortlessly.

RIDGID 31642 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter offers a rundown of advantages to its customers. Above all else this cutter has an uncommonly more noteworthy limit consequently, pipes having breadths up to 66mm can likewise be effortlessly cut utilizing this.

As all the remarkable elements have as of now been said above, without a doubt this tube cutter is a beneficial apparatus. RIDGID 31642 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter offers every single apparent component a tube cutter ought to have consequently it is an absolute necessity to have and the lifetime guarantee is an interest that must be considered.

RIDGID 31642 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter is an exceptionally suggested cutter. Imperative to acknowledge is the way that no protests have been gotten pertinent to the cutter and the lifetime maker guarantee without a doubt secures your venture.

RIDGID Close Quarters Tubing Cutter, 1/8-inch to 5/8-inch Tube Cutter

The RIDGID Close Quarters Tubing Cutter is especially expected for use in constrained spaces on slender tubes and makes tight cutting jobs less complex.

Intended for quality and comfort, the metal tube cutter has a strong, lightweight slide and wheel lodging and tremendous knurled handle that conveys clean slices as the weight to be applied can be controlled. Every device under the RIDGID brand is composed of comparative selective lines which include esteem, gives quality and unwavering quality.

RIDGID 32975 Model 103 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter permits the users to cut tubes and pipes situated at thin places as it is a tube cutter with a 1-1/2″ device length which furnishes clients with a 1/8-5/8″ cut top.The Strong slide and wheel lodging it has ensures correct cuts and splendid general durability and the tube cutter can be connected to aluminum, metal, copper and plastic.

RIDGID 32975 Model 103 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter is of awesome quality-made in the USA and is exceedingly recommended. RIDGID 32975 Model 103 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter is a stunning apparatus to be acquired.

The Ridgid 32975 Model 103 lacking elbow room tubing cutter can be changed as per the distance across of the tubing with an outside estimation of 1/8 inch up to 5/8 inch. Amassed especially to work in bound spaces, the Model 103 cutter is ideal for little width tubing made of hard and fragile copper, metal, aluminum, and plastic.

Strong yet lightweight slide and wheel stopping close by an enormous, knurled manage screw handle make it easy to control the cutting weight to ensure clean cuts.

The Ridgid 32975 Model 103 lacking elbow room tubing cutter goes with one standard cutter wheel Ridgid’s choice instruments and embellishments help you finish your undertakings more quickly and productively.

Best Pipe Cutters on Amazon – Price Table

Product List Price Image
Ridgid Pipe and Tubing Cutter $87.99
Performance Tool Tail Pipe Cutter $37.11
Ridgid Quick Feed Cutter with Ratchet Handle $33.90
LASCO Victor Pipe Cutter, 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch Pipe $76.07
Ridgid Replacement Blade $9.95
GearWrench Exhaust and Tailpipe Cutter $41.25
Ridgid Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters $257.60
Ridgid Internal Plastic Tubing Cutter $177.55
RIDGID Chain Pipe Cutter $614.00
Ridgid Quick Acting CSST Tubing Cutter $61.50

Things You Should Look at Before Buying a Pipe Cutter

1) Types of Pipe Cutters

Tubing CutterThere are various types of pipe cutters available in the market, and your choice entirely depends upon your objective.

Single handed pipe cutters are best when working in little spaces or for single DIY tasks, as each cutter just fits one pipe size and they are usually less expensive than the bigger adjustable cutters.

The second type available is the ratchet pipe cutter which is helpful if working in narrow regions as the handle gives the apparatus additional length. It’s likewise valuable in regions where the pipe cutter may tend to tumble off the pipe.

Another category is the adjustable pipe cutters. These are flexible to adjust according to the requirements and perfect for frequent users who have to deal with different sized pipes regularly. Being produced using cast aluminum implies that it will have a more extended life than a plastic covered cutter and is consequently best for long term use.

The fourth type is called the heavy duty adjustable pipe cutter. This is the best type to cut iron pipes as it has additional cutting wheels and pressure adjustments. This is required as iron is a solid material. You ought not to utilize a similar apparatus for cutting both steel and iron pipes as the blade will become dull if used to cut both materials.  

The last major type available is the Power pipe cutter which is immensely helpful when utilizing for a longer time span as the cutter requires little exertion from the client and is driven by batteries. Summing it up, the first thing you need to identify is your need for the pipe cutter. Therefore, your needs will determine the type of cutter you want, and you must search for h=the relevant type to waste minimum time and reach the best alternatives.

2) What Materials Can the Pipe Cutter Cut?

TailPipe CutterWhat is important to consider next is the material the pipes you deal with are made up of. There is a vast variety of pipe cutters in the market, each having variable specifications and strengths; so what you mainly need to see is that is this particular pipe cutter appropriate to deal with my pipes?

Henceforth, the ones not fulfilling your basic requirement are eliminated automatically, filtering your options!

Most of the pipe cutters have the ability to cut steel, aluminum, brass, copper and plastic pipes, so they serve as multi-purpose pipe cutters.

Such pipe cutters have exceptionally sharp blades to cut through materials as hard as iron and steel, while the ones specifically manufactured for PVC pipes tend to have a lesser sharp blade as the material is lighter. However, if there is an exception and you need to cut glass or concrete pipes usually used in the infrastructure, you will probably need a specialized pipe cutter which has the appropriate features to help you out.

3) Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity of the Pipe Cutter

mini tube cutterDimensions and weight is an important specification you need to be careful about. As there are millions of pipe cutters roaming around across the markets, you need to identify exactly what you need!

Only then can it prove to satisfy you. So after answering the first two points, you need to be watchful about the dimensions, design, and weight of the pipe cutters under consideration.

Ergonomically designed pipe cutters are the best as they are manufactured keeping in mind user convenience. In a similar manner, you must reach a conclusion about your preferences regarding the weight.

Handy pipe cutters for individual use usually weigh about 6 to 8 ounces hence they are easy to carry and use. However, some professionals who had been dealing with hand tools prefer to have heavier ones having the view that they have a nicer grip and are firm therefore the weight must match with your preference and requirement.

Lastly, an important feature to be considered is the minimum and the maximum diameter of the pipes that could fit in the pipe cutter. If you have to use it for thicker pipes, then you must look for a pipe cutter having a greater capacity however if you usually need to cut narrow pipes then a pipe cutter having the capacity to cut a pipe with a diameter up to 50mm would work.

4) How is Your Pipe Cutter Powered?

mini tube cutterWhen you intend to purchase a power pipe cutter, you must closely evaluate how it is powered? And choose the pipe cutter which best suits you.

There is a wide range of pipe cutters driven through distinct ways! There are electrical tools, hydraulic tools, pneumatic tools and manual tools. Electrically driven pipe cutters are run by motors or batteries and are usually required for large pipes used in construction.

Hydraulic tools are used in similar areas and are powered by the pressure of fluids like oil while pneumatic tools are driven by the pressure of the gas and usually require compressed air for functioning. The last type is manual tools.

Pipe cutters are usually manually powered as they use springs, screws and knobs hence they are inexpensive, handy and suitable for personal use.

5) Cutting Speed of the Pipe Cutter

pvc cutterWith the rapid increase in technology and evolving marketing techniques, it has become essential to assess the products before selling. Hence all pipe cutters have been tested before their launch for their efficiency, so are the pipe cutters.

The quicker the pipe cutter slices the pipe, more preferred it is. The cutting speed is also a reflection of the quality and strength of the blades it has hence it is of extreme importance to check the cutting speed.

The faster it cuts, the better quality blade it has so it proves to be more helpful for the users when the pipe cutter can increase their efficiency, simplify their tasks and most of all provide clean cuts! However cutting speed is mainly monitored for power pipe cutters, not the manual ones.

6) Additional Features

pipe cutterIn addition to these major specifications, what you need to look at are these features. Firstly check does it have an integral reamer? This is beneficial because every user wishes to invest in a pipe cutter which would slice off the pipes neatly. Therefore, a reamer fulfills this function by cleaning the burr after the pipe has been cut, leaving behind no metal fillings to be bothered about.

Secondly, it is quite natural that the user would be interested in knowing its outlook before adding it to his tool box, so you need to investigate the details of the body.

Pipe cutters having a textured exterior are preferred more as they provide a firm grip so it is easy to use and they should be made up of a strong aluminum cast to withstand damages and last long. It should also have an ergonomic design and be in a graceful color which you like would automatically add more appeal to it.

Lastly, availability of Replacement cutting wheels is an additional attraction, as consumers prefer to buy pipe cutters whose replacement cutting wheels are easily available!

Cutting wheels tend to wear off with time hence there is a definite need of changing them, what if you end up knowing no alternate cutting blades are available for the model you have purchased?

Hence you must keep in mind that the pipe cutter you buy should have its replacement cutting wheels in the market for your future convenience.

Now You Are Ready to Buy a Pipe Cutter

steel dragon toolsSo far you have been explained in detail the uses of pipe cutters, the features, and pieces of advice regarding the bestsellers have been provided after evaluating each pipe cutter vigilantly, and finally, you have been told what features you need to observe while making a purchase.

If you are a regular customer, you would probably know it as experience speaks for itself. However, this page is immensely useful for newcomers.

Squeezing it all in a bunch of paragraphs; all you need to know is that a pipe cutting instrument is a device used to cut pipes or tubes, and it is a need in numerous businesses and workshops. Pipe cutters are used by a wide range of individuals; from plumbers to engineers. They not only rely on the pipe cutters to carry out their everyday tasks but are fond of modern models of pipe cutters launching all round the year.

Pipe cutters are used to cut pipes to the desired length at installation or for repair work and are perfect for removing damaged segments of the pipe before replacing it. Before the invention of pipe cutters, a hacksaw was widely used for this purpose.

superior toolA hacksaw is a handy tool having a metal frame and a thin blade. It has been used for cutting the pipes since a long time and could be found in every garage and a homeowner’s toolbox. However, as it has a thin blade, cutting through thick metals was extremely difficult, and the blade could break or get damaged. Moreover, its design reflects that it has been assembled particularly for thin metals and plastic and as the blade is open it can lead to unforeseeable accidents. Therefore, it gave birth to the need of strong pipe cutters.

Modern pipe cutters can fulfill all the weaknesses traditional hacksaws had and are very simple to use.

The sort of metal the pipe is made up of figures out if a pipe cutting instrument or a hacksaw can be used. While a hacksaw can cut any size of a pipe made of most plastics and metals, pipe-cutters are more constrained in where they can be utilized. In contrast with using a hacksaw to cut a pipe, a pipe cutter exhibits a few points of interest: Flawlessly straight and clean cuts can be obtained using these and is likewise quicker and more efficient.

Pipe cutters today have sharp cutting wheels which penetrate through the pipes as they are rotated. With each 360 degrees rotation, the cutting wheel is engraved more into the pipe, chopping thinner pipes in just a few rotations and hard metal ones a little later. Similarly, power pipe cutters are even more convenient to use as they are driven by batteries which propel the cutting wheel and enables them to slice the pipe within seconds!

master plumber pipe cutterThese pipe cutters are of immense importance to professionals as it allows them to work quickly. Pipe cutters leave no sawdust to contaminate your pipe work, they also give a cleaner cut, and they are highly safe to use as they are designed to fit around the pipe hence the blade is not exposed directly to the user, and there is a minimum possibility of the user getting hurt.

A hacksaw can still be used to cut pipes, however using a pipe cutter can be a great deal instead because of all the advantages mentioned above. While we use an instrument, all of us wish that it lasts longer and the performance does not deteriorate therefore you need to look after your pipe cutters and do the repairs and maintenance frequently.

First of all, you need to keep it safe indoors so that it remains protected from any possible damage. Although pipe cutters are usually made up of corrosion-resistant materials, it is always better to take the precautions.

Furthermore you are advised to disassemble it once in a while to clean off the deposition of dirt inside to ensure that it works at its best for a longer time and in case of single-handed pipe cutters you also have to be careful about their plastic body because if it gets damaged, the metal interior will get exposed and it may corrode over time.
TEKTON Pipe Cutter

These safety measures will help your pipe cutters perform consistently and would prove to be a source of convenience for you for a longer period!

So now you have all the knowledge a pipe cutter consumer should essentially have ranging from the preferable features to its maintenance and care therefore now you are ready to buy the most suitable pipe cutter for your toolbox; we hope our website has proved to contribute positively in your guidance!