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There are different ways to cut a PVC pipe and they all depend on the kind of cutter you are using to do the job. PVC cutter are readily available in the market and they are something that should be there is your tool box at home. PVC pipes are used in different applications in your house and you would have to work with them once in a while and for that you must have the proper tool for that. On the other hand, in case you are a professional and work with PVC pipes everyday then you need to have the very best of the PVC cutter that will best suit your tasks. We are going to bring you the best 3 ways to cut PVC pipes giving you all the information you need about PVC pipe cutters and how to use them. With every way explained, we will also recommend a product that you can consider buying for your PVC pipe cutting needs.


1- The traditional Blade jaw

The very first and most common way of cutting the PVC pipe cutter is with the traditional two handle cutter. These cutters are the most common ones and they have been around for a long time now. They are simple and straight forward to use. All you need to do is get your PVC pipe in its jaws and apply force on the handles and you will get your clean and clear cut. It is one of the most affordable way of cutting your PVC pipes. These cutters cost you very fair money and they are readily available in the market. They require one hand operation and these cutters are made to last a really long time. Usually they are made of durable aluminum or metal with rubber covers and that serves you very well for a very long time.


These kind of PVC pipe cutters have also been evolved over the time. The overall design is not so different however, they have gone many changes. Their construction is much lighter in weight now. They used to be heavy and that made them very tiring to use for a longer time. So, being light in weight has brought a lot of convenience working with them. Secondly, they now make use of ratchet mechanism which require very less effort on your part and make the job look very easy for you. One of the best aspects of some of these kinds of cutters is that you can replace their blades and those blades are easy to find as well. This way you don’t ever feel like getting a new PVC cutter, you can get all used to the one you are using.


All you will need to do is change the blade when you feel like it and your PVC cutter will be as good as new. This is the first way of cutting your PVC pipes with the very best of convenience. The only downside of this way could be that, in case you are working with very tight spaces or difficult-to-reach areas, using these PVC cutters get a little hard because they need space to work. Except for that, this is the best way to cut your PVC pipes and this way is the most common way of cutting your pipes.


Suggested Product:


AFA PVC Cutter – 1 5/8” O.D. + Bonus Japanese Steel Blade


This is one of the best rated PVC pipe cutters that you will come across in the market. This PVC cutter is second to none and that is why it has been rated as good as perfect by the customers. This PVC cutter will get your attention right away with the design it has to boast. It has been designed to look very ergonomic and attractive and will definitely look better in your hands. However, we should not be interested in the way it looks, all we need to know is how good it is when it comes to business. Well, this baby works as good as it looks and it promises to make your job look easy. It has been approved for the very best of quality and safety standards and you should have a complete peace of mind while spending your money over it.

It makes use of ratchet mechanism which brings the best of convenience for you. It requires very less effort on your part and gives you a very clear and clean cut. You can use this cutter for most of the non-metallic pipes. The blade is one of its most flaunting aspects which makes sure you get the precise cut right away. The blade is replaceable and the best part is that you will get a bonus extra blade with this cutter. The price tag for this cutter is also very luring and there is absolutely no reason why you should not be buying this PVC pipe cutter.


  • ratcheting jaw and V-blade construction require less force to cut through
  • perfect to cut PVC, PEX plastic tubing, rubber tubing, vinyl tubing and most of the other non-metallic tubing
  • effortless and smooth cuts with minimal mess
  • Lightweight Aluminum body to protect hands from doing heavy-duty work
  • Comes with a high quality extra blade

2- The cable Saw way

The problem with the traditional two handled PVC cutter as mentioned before is that it can be hard to be used in tight spaces. Sometimes you can’t work as efficiently as you would like using the two handled cutter at some areas. Cable saw cutters are not very commonly used but they can be very handy when it comes to working with confined spaces. They are rarely used but still they are a very effective way of cutting your PVC pipes. Using these cutters is the best way of cutting PVC pipes especially when they are places along the wall or any place where your regular cutter will not fit.

Using this cable saw is easy. It has a long cable with two very practical ends to hold on to. All you need to do is surround your pipes with the wire from the point where you need the cut and just tighten the both ends against each other. It will give you the cut you have been looking for. the downside of this way is that it requires more effort on your part and secondly you need to be very careful working with this cutter, the cable in usually sharp and you should make sure you keep your hands/fingers off it while tightening the two ends against each other.

It’s a very cheap way of cutting PVC pipes because these cutters come at very low prices. It might look like a very difficult way to work through but it`s not as bad as it looks. There are some very good cable saw cutters in the market which work very smoothly and get your job done just the way you would like.


Suggested Product:


General Tools 858 PVC Pipe Cable Saw


A very highly rated PVC pipe cutter that you can get your hands on. While we are talking about cutting pipes with the cable saw way, you won’t find a better product than this one. It costs you as good as nothing and does the job perfectly well for you. It has been designed flawlessly to make sure you have a great and convenient experience working with it. It has ideally been made for tight or confined spaces for example the pipes you have along the wall where your normal or regular PVC cutter does not fit. It features 24-inch serrated cutting cable easily slices through pipe up to 8 inches in diameter.

It comes with very comfortable grip handles that make them very practical and easy to use. All you would need to do is surround your pipe with the cable, use the two grip handles and pull them against each other. That will tighten the cable around the pipe and you will have the cut you have been needing. This seems to be a very unconventional way of cutting a PVC pipe but it comes in very handy and is as effective as you would like. This product has been backed with a very good customer care service and you can bug them any time for any kind of assistance.


  • For cutting PVC pipe in confined work areas
  • 24-inch stainless steel serrated cutting cable
  • Easily cuts pipe up to 8 inches in diameter
  • Comfort grip handles

3- Using Electric PVC cutter

Using an electric PVC cutter is one of the most easiest and efficient ways of cutting PVC pipes. They make it look like a piece of cake. Everything about an electric PVC cutter is impressive. It can go into any kind of spaces and no matter where you pipes are, this cutter will find a way to penetrate through it. It does not really require any effort on your part. You will just need to fix the cutter on an electric drill, position it and the electricity will get your job done. However, this use of electricity or of an electric drill can be the downside at the same time.

Maybe you don’t have an electric drill at home or you don’t feel like taking it out for some small cut you need for your PVC pipes and that is the reason these electric PVC cutters are only used for professional, industrial or commercial purposes. If you are looking to get one for your house, you don’t need to go for an electric one. A regular two handles one will do the job. Using an electric PVC cutter is one of the most comfortable ways of cutting a PVC pipes but only if you are using it for the right application.


Suggested Product:

Superior Tool 37516 1-1/4″ Internal PVC Pipe Cutter-One and a Quarter Inch Pipe Cutter for PVC

This is one of the bestselling PVC cutters in the market and in case you are looking for a cutter for your industrial or commercial use, you simply can’t get a better cutter than this one. The only thing is that it has to be used with an electric drill. Therefore, if you have an electric drill, cutting your PVC pipes is as easy as it is possible with any tool. It can go into any tight space and can work for any sized PVC cutters without any effort on your part. This cutter is ideally used in places where normal pipe cutting tools cannot fit or to remove welded joint to salvage pipe.

It makes use of heat treated saw blade which is very durable and it can work for many different plastic pipes. If you are looking for convenience, you don’t have a better option that this one. The overall construction of this blade looks very good and it will definitely serve you for a long time. Apart from that, it comes for a very fair price. Everything about this blade is impressive and if you think this way of getting your PVC pipes cut suits you best then this is what you should be getting.


  • Perfect for places where normal pipe cutting tools cannot fit
  • Remove welded joint to salvage pipe
  • Heat treated saw blade
  • Works with any electric drill

Other ways of Cutting PVC pipes:

We brought to you the only 3 ways to cut PVC pipes however there are more ways to do that. Again, that depends on the kind of tool that you are using to do that. For example, there are cutters which use blade and knob to control the blade. They work completely manually, you stick your pipe in the jaw or position your cutter on the pipe and use the knob to tighten the blade against it. This way is kind of hard and time taking and that is why it is rarely used. It is more effective when you have free PVC pipes or uninstalled pipes. Then there are some cutters which use a push button. You position your cutter on the pipe and then you push the button and the blade comes on and moving the cutter over your pipe gives you the cut. It is also one of the effective ways of cutting your PVC pipes.

Buyer’s Guide:

All you need to know before buying a PVC pipe cutter is that where exactly are you going to use it. If you are going to use it at your house once in a while, you need something affordable and more practical. If you are a professional, you might need more than one type of cutters. Whatever way you choose or whatever cutter type you choose, you need to be sure that you are getting the right product which will bring value to your money. The market is full of all these cutters which are not worth your money and are not effective enough and that is why you need to be careful making sure you get the very best for yourself. We are sure our 3 ways to cut PVC pipes brings you all the information you need regarding that.

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