Detailed Product Review: 5 Best Manual PVC Pipe Cutters For Pros In 2019

5 Best Manual PVC Pipe Cutters For Pros

Best PVC pipe cutter is required by that individual who does enjoy crafting of PVC pipe. Individuals who are a handyman or are professionally indulged into DIY and you have to cut great lengths of PVC pipe. There are a few great tools available in the market, which will make your activity considerably less demanding.

On the other hand, would you say you are working in a car shop? In case you’re working in the automotive industry, at that point, one of the fumes pipe cutters, which we will specify will turn out to be an essential expansion of your toolbox.

These pipe cutters are specially prepared to make simple and smooth cuts through tailpipes of pickup trucks, SUVs, and a large portion of the autos, regardless of whether the part’s off or on the vehicle.

On the off chance that you are doing the activity yourself, I firmly suggest getting one of these cutters, as they will enable you to cut the pipe all the more effectively, enable you to cut the pipe square, will give you a superior jointing seal and spare your time and disappointment.

Similarly, as there is a wide range of sorts of channels, there are likewise a few kinds of pipe cutters accessible for procurement. Knowing a little about the sorts of cutters available can enable you to choose the correct one for your task.

Here, we have enlisted five best PVC piper cutters for pros in 2019, which will certainly make your task easier and will add up to your productivity.

5 Best Manual PVC Pipe Cutters for Pro’s in 2019 – Detailed Product Reviews!

1. Ao Rong Single Stroke PVC Pipe and Tube Cutter

Ao Rong Single Stroke Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter, 1/8-inch to 1-5/8-inch Pipe Cutter

This adaptable pipe cutter has a 1/8-inch to 1-5/8-inch O.D. limit and is appropriate for use with plastic (PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE, elastic hose) and multilayer tubing. So, this pipe cutter is more useful in case of plastic pipes.

The quality and solidness of this pipe cutter originate from the rough, yet lightweight, square slices of the materials used for manufacturing this product.

A hook on the base of the handles takes into consideration for protecting and conservative stockpiling of this tool. They are exceptionally well-made with an extremely strong and tough material. The elastic covering on the handles give great no-slip hold and are agreeable to utilize.

The cutting edge is extremely tough and sharp; for example, slicing through 1/2 PVC will be pretty simple and it will make clean smooth cuts. Likewise, the tightening component works proficiently and makes the cutting of PVC simple and smooth. The most important thing to know about this cutter is that it is intended for cutting plastic (PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE) and multilayer tubing.

What did we like?

  • High-use fastens activity cuts easily and with negligible exertion
  • Solid and sturdy, slices genuine simple through channels rather they are plastic or elastic
  • Guarantee: Backed by 30-day cash back and half year straightforward guarantee
  • Elastic covering on handle gives great no-slip grasp and are agreeable to utilize
  • Extremely sharp cutting edge

What’s we didn’t like?

  • Cutter can’t cut the long way
  • Extraordinary only for cutting PVC channels less than ”

Our Verdict

The tool is used for cutting plastic pipes with a diameter equal to or less than 1 inch. So, for any domestic repair, it will be very useful. But we will never suggest it for any professional use of higher load works.

2. LULUYUKI Professional PPR /PVC Pipe & Tube Cutters

LULUYUKI Professional PVC/PPR Cutters Ratcheting , Sharp and Durable 1.7' Tubing Pipe Plumbing Tube Pliers

It is a sharp 1.7″ Professional PVC/PPR Cutter manufactured by LULUYUKI. The body of the instrument is made of aluminum compound to give continuance. The development is to such an extent that you can utilize it with only one hand. The cutting edges are made of fortified stainless steel to keep the sharp. The simple to-utilize instrument will spare you from looking for assistance from experts.

The tool also features automatic gears, which can ergonomically spare time and utilize minimal muscle exhaustion. So, any thick pipes or tubes are not an issue any longer. Also, the tool has a safety lock outline toward the finish of the upper handle with a specific end goal to ensure the instruments are secured by a security and shut state.

This extra component (the safety lock design) toward the finish of the upper handle, no wonder makes this tool exceptional. This will help the instrument to stay shut when not being used.

The manufacturer of the product has offered 100% cash back framework and free substitution on the off chance that the item is unable to do the undertaking as promised. In fact, we may consider that this is one of the best manual PVC pipe cutters for professionals.

What did we like?

  • The perfect instrument for household utilizes
  • Computerized framework spares muscle exhaustion
  • The affordable cast for the offered design and feature
  • Safety design lock

What didn’t we like?

  • The cuts won’t be consummately straight at few times
  • Not doable for funnels bigger than one inch

Our Verdict

This product is almost very similar to AO Rong, the first one of our list; however, AO Rong is designed for domestic use, while this one has been manufactured by LULUYUKI, especially for the professional use.

3. Superior Tool PVC Pipe Cutter (1h 2″)

Superior Tool 37116 One Handed PVC Cutter

This PVC cutter is especially recommendable for those who are into DIY projects at their home. The body is made of Cast Aluminum, and the blade is made of stainless steel and features one-handed operation.

It has many applications for cutting PVC, and also it includes locking handle pin. However, this tool is not expected for tight encased spaces since you should have the capacity to tighten, yet this apparatus works great. Simply influence your estimations, to get your apparatus, at that point simply cut.

Simply influence a slight cut where you to need the cut and it cuts culminate without fail. This is almost effortless with a hacksaw. You may get somewhat of a bramble or shavings, yet it’s a hell of a great deal less demanding at that point doing your task alone without grasps and tight clamp!

What did we like?

  • Cuts great and handles the 2&1/2 inch PVC
  • Awesome for cutting non-metallic tubing, like hose
  • Great cutting edges that can be replaced
  • Gives smooth cut, no cleaning of pipe required in case of a saw

What didn’t we like?

  • Not proposed for tight encased spaces since you should have the capacity to fasten
  • Scarcely any circumstances, the edge does breaks after a couple of cuts

Our Verdict

Indulged in DIY projects? Then it would be most suited for you as it has been designed especially for PVC and will get your work done without any hassle. We rate it at 5/5 for an extraordinary, which substantially make your work less demanding!

4. EZ Travel Collection Manual PVC Pipe Cutter (4-1/2″)

4-1/2' Manual PVC Pipe Cutter (Oversize Design)

This vast width pipe cutter is intended to be versatile. It weighs a little more than 3 pounds and has general measurements of 14″ x 7″ x 3″. Flexible Pipe Cutter rapidly acclimates to make clean cuts on funnels extending in the distance across from 2″ as far as possible up to 4.25″.

If we will simply talk about few of the features of this tool, it includes a design to cut PVC pipe with the external breadth of 2″ to 4-1/2″; toughness, which is heat-treated; corrosion free and wrapped up with banked polish. It can easily cut PVC and different channels produced using engineered sap. The blades in this tool can be replaced effortlessly.

What did we like?

  • Can cut pipes up to 4 inches
  • Straight cuts
  • Awesome quality exceptionally awed with how straight it cuts

What didn’t we like?

  • The edge fit isn’t blasted too tight and as you utilize the device the nut gradually comes fixed
  • The sharp edge can “roll.” There is typically around a 1/32 to 1/64 hole on the mount

Our Verdict

This product is recommendable especially for those thick old pipes which we cannot cut easily using any other PVC pipe cutters. However, the products mark to make clean cuts for pipe up to 5-inch diameter. However, we would suggest you consider pipes up to 4 inches as the ideal limit for this pipe cutter.

5. ROTHENBERGER (52015) Rocut 75TC Professional Pipe Cutter

5 Best Manual PVC Pipe Cutters For Pros

Rothenberger 52015 Rocut 75TC professional-grade plastic pipe shears are made to enable users to fulfill exact cuts without disfigurements. The apparatus has a sharp cutting edge, which is completely controlled by the user and can be opened with a push of a catch. Also, the handles of the shears are rubber treated for users solace and secure hold amid the utilization. The arms can be bolted for safe transportation work to work.

ROCUT Professional 75TC is perfect for exact cutting of PVC, PP, PE, PEX, PB, and CPVC PIPES. Rough accuracy shears for easy cutting of plastic funnels. Replacement blades are easily available. The features include rightly calculated cuts; stick point accuracy without disfigurement; weight exchange and guided cutter nourish; and programmed, and controlled the opening of the edge at the push of a catch.

Its handles are made of rubber for good grip, and sheer arms are lockable in the transport position.

What did we like?

  • Guarantee high-accuracy right-calculated cuts
  • Keep funnels from distortion amid cuts;
  • Legitimately exchange the weight;
  • Have a guided cutter nourish
  • Guarantee the comfort and security amid every application.

What didn’t we like?

  • Auto-open breaks sometimes after few cuts

Our Verdict

These professional grade pipe cutters are recommended for highly experienced people who are actually in such industries and do need regular use of a cutter. These cutters are safe to use, long lasting and offer precise cuts without any disfigurements.

What are the Distinctive Styles of PVC Pipe Cutters accessible in the Market?

Following are the styles you may want to look around in PVC pipe cutters:

  1. Single pipe cutter: The solitary pipe cutter is a little hand-fueled cutter in the shape of a wheel. It is utilized with one hand when working in little or regions that are difficult to reach.
  2. Ratchet pipe cutter: It has a head-like single pipe cutter with a ratchet handle for all-time append. The ratchet pipe cutter considers a slight change in the pipe estimate and does not have to complete a 360° hover of the pipe to cut, making it valuable in little or tight territories.
  3. Adjustable pipe cutter: The customizable pipe cutter has a screw handle to fit whatever measured pipe you are utilizing. Whenever turned, it moves the slicing wheel in reverse or advances to oblige the span of pipe being utilized. The customizable pipe cutter is valuable on the off chance that you cut pipes regularly as it can provide food for various sizes thus spares purchasing a few apparatuses.
  4. Power pipe cutter: The power pipe cutter has a little battery-controlled engine, which, when a catch is squeezed, moves the wheel around cutting the pipe. It is helpful if you regularly utilize a pipe cutter as it cuts pipes rapidly and easily.

How to choose the Best PVC Cutter Pipe for yourself?

Choosing a top manual PVC pipe cutters is a difficult thing a few times, but not if you do know the purpose and suitability of different types of PVC pipe cutters.

For example, Single pipe cutters are ideal when working in little spaces or for single DIY occupations, as every cutter just fits one pipe size and they have a tendency to be less expensive than the bigger movable cutters.

The ratchet pipe cutter or solitary pipe cutter with a ratchet handle is valuable if working in difficult to achieve territories as the handle gives the instrument additional length.

Adjustable pipe cutters are ideal for the event that you have to utilize a pipe cutter regularly and on various distinctive measured funnels. A customizable pipe cutter will be required if cutting steel or iron funnels. Either a substantial obligation movable pipe cutter or a pipe cutter intended to cut steel is reasonable.

The hard adjustable pipe cutter is the best to cut iron pipes as it takes into consideration additional slicing haggles strain to be applied; this is required as iron is a solid material. You ought not to utilize a similar device for cutting both steel and iron pipes as the edge will dull if cut on the two materials.

The controlled pipe cutter is the most helpful when utilizing for long stretches as the cutter requires little exertion from the user.

Final Verdict

No wonder, PVC pipe cutters are a very important tool for both plumbers and DIY projects or even for domestic use. For example, when you do suffer minor damages in residential, you don’t have to call plumbers every time, in case if you do have the right tool and you may simply do it yourself. And, choosing a best PVC pipe cutter won’t be too hassle if you do know the types of cutters, their use, and accordingly, you may get the best cutter, which will suit best to your need.

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