Top 5 Best Olive Puller For Copper Pipes – Top Removal Tool For Plumbers

Top 5 Best Olive Puller For Copper Pipes

Professional tools make our work a lot easy. With the help of them, not only your precious time is saved, but also the work is performed smoothly. The most difficult thing to perform is to pull something that is made up of hard material. Here, I am speaking of olives. Let me make you clear as to what exactly is this olive. It is a small metal ring that is made up of copper, brass or steel.

Olive is used for plumbing purpose. Olives can be numerous shapes and differ in sizes as well. The most common shape in which olives are found is ring shape. The function of this olive is to create a seal in the compression fittings.

To make your job easier, here I am presenting you wonder range of olive puller. Yes, you read it right. These olive pullers are specially designed to pull olives that are made up of copper pipes. The best part about them is that they don’t harm the pipes while removing olives from compression fittings. Olive puller is operated by human hand and is not at all difficult to be operated.

The advantage of this olive puller is that it comes with several parts that can be adapted to different copper pipes of different dimensions easily. Below, is a rundown of the best olive puller for copper pipes models that will make you’re removing olives easy and fast.

Top 5 Oliver Puller for Copper Pipes: Detailed Product Reviews!

1. Olive Puller SIL316 Plumbing Hand Tools Brass (15 & 22mm) Extractor Pipe

Olive Puller 15 & 22mm Plumbing Hand Tools Brass DIY Extractor Pipe SIL316

This olive puller is a reliable tool that is made keeping your convenience in minds. This marvelous puller can extract olives from compression pipes that measure 15mm and 22mm. It is perfect for all types of plumbing as well as gas pipework. The quality of the material that is used to design it is superb and is made up of high-quality solid brass.

You will be able to save you lot of time with the help of this machine. This machine can also be used to do the jobs such as changing the showers as well as radiators where the pipe is not able to get shortened. With its amazing parts, this puller can remove most olives quickly and in a reliable manner.

What Did We like?

  • Intelligently designed
  • It can perform other work as well
  • The material that is used to make it is superb
  • It doesn’t damage the pipes during its work
  • Weight is not too much to handle
  • These are too good as compared to channel locks

What Didn’t We Like?

  • Initially, you may have to face some problem, but the working will get smooth after every use

Our Verdict

According to my point of view, if you are investing in this tool, you are taking a good quality and durable machine at home. This puller just requires the compression nut to pull the olives from the pipe. The striking feature about it is that it doesn’t cut the olives while removing it from its place. It will certainly save a lot of your efforts, and you will not at all be disappointed after making it as your choice. The buyers have given this wonder product 4.9 stars out of 5.0 stars.

2. SIL Olive Puller (15 & 22mm) Solid Brass & Copper Pipes

Olive Puller, 15 & 22mm, Solid brass. For removal of olives from 15 and 22mm compression fittings without damaging pipes. by SIL

This olive puller is made up of brass that is solid as well as durable. It is an excellent apparatus to remove olives from the compression fitting that has the measure of 15 and 22mm. It doesn’t damage the pipe at the time of removing. The material from which this wonder puller is made up of is superfine and durable. You need not have to replace it with the new one even after several uses.

The eye-catching feature about this olive puller is its manufacturing company. They keep special attention on its design, weight, dimensions, etc. The weight of it is on the lighter side that will ease you in operating it perfectly. The grip also is very non-slippery, and you will not be hurt while doing work.

What Did We like?

  • The grip is not slippery
  • Able to remove olives effortlessly
  • Lightweight
  • Durable material is used

What Didn’t We Like?

  • The cost of this puller is little high

Our Verdict

This puller is very good for removing olives without harming the pipes. You will be able to work very smoothly on this puller. The users have highly suggested making this puller as your choice and have given 4.9 stars / 5.0 stars.

3. Silverline Olive Puller (15 & 22mm)

Silverline Tools - Olive Puller - 15 & 22mm

Silverline Olive puller is a marvelous puller that can easily pull out all the olives from the compression fittings. The best thing about this puller is that it doesn’t damage the pipe at the time of removing of olives. The design of this puller is good, and its weight is also less. You will be able to take away the olives from its place smoothly.

The material used to make it is brass. The brass is solid and is durable. It will not ruin even after many uses. The grip is non- slippery, so it will make your work smooth and fast. This puller can remove olives from the fitting that has the dimensions of 15mm and 22mm. You need not have to worry about its performance as it will make you work on it effortlessly and quickly.

What Did We like?

  • It gives an outstanding performance
  • The durability of the material used is high
  • Able to perform other works as well
  • It doesn’t damage the pipes at all
  • Grip is slip resistant
  • Design is superb

What Didn’t We Like?

  • The thread form is wrong that is used in compression fitting nut

Our Verdict

By making this puller your choice, you are taking a masterpiece to your home. This olive puller will ease you in every way to perform your work without any problems. I have personal experience with this puller and is extremely happy with its function. I haven’t faced any hurdles, and my work was done rapidly. Other purchasers and I will give 4.6 stars for sure.

4. Monument 2036T Olive Puller (15/22 mm)

Monument 2036T Olive Puller 15/22Mm

This monument olive puller is an appropriate apparatus to remove olives from pipes that are made up of copper. The outstanding quality of this device is that it will not damage the pipe that is attached to it at all. Therefore you will not have to spend money repairing that. Brass is the material that is taken into use to design this excellent device.

The dimensions of it are accurate and will fit in your hand perfectly. This olive puller can take out many types of olives; therefore, you don’t have to spend extra for extracting different kinds of the same.

What Did We like?

  • The weight of the puller is not too much
  • It can remove many olives
  • Performance is very good
  • It does it’s work quickly

What Didn’t We Like?

  • You will have to lose your pockets little extra for this one

Our Verdict

If you want a puller that is strong as well as quick in its working, then I think you have come up to a right place. The thing that attracts me towards it is that this puller simply uses compression fitting locking nut to target the olives that are present on the tube. The users of this wonder puller have highly suggested this to all and have rated it 4.8 stars.

5. Duck Olive Puller for Copper Pipes

Duck Puller

This Duck puller is the most appropriate and compact device till now. The distinguishing feature about this one is that it is made up of cast iron that is very much durable and will last longer. The diameter of the body is small that allows you to have a perfect grip on it.

The tip of it is made up of stainless steel that will restrict rusting. This device is reachable even to toilets or traps. It requires no batteries to be operated and its weight is also less.

What Did We like?

  • Design is unique
  • The grip is very good
  • It reaches close to small areas comfortably
  • The steel on the tip is stainless
  • Lightweight
  • No batteries are required to operate it

What Didn’t We Like?

  • While removing the fitting, the copper may get stretched

Our Verdict

This amazing puller is strong and durable. You can rely on it completely, and it will not make you regret your choice. Although you will have to pay more for this, good quality things don’t come for cheap. You will work with professionals if you own this. The rating given to it by its shoppers is 4.9 out of 5.0 stars.

What are Olive Pullers used for?

Many of us are in the wrong illusion that olive pullers have only one use – just to remove olives. Let me make this thing clear to you now. Here, I am presenting before you some of the uses of the olive puller. Here is a tally of it:

  1. Comfortably remove olives: These pullers allow easy removal of the olives from its place. They didn’t break it at the time of extraction. The process is very fast overall.
  2. Changing showers: The pullers can also be used to change the showers effortlessly. For loosing up the bolts of the showers, these pullers will be a perfect choice for you.
  3. Toilet or traps work: You can use olive pullers for performing work in your toilets or traps as they can reach even the deepest and thin points easily and quickly.
  4. Gas pipe work: If you have to perform gas pipework, these olive pullers can do it for you.

How to use Olive Pullers?

All the machines that are designed to do various kinds of work need to be operated especially. You have to be cautious every-time you use them. Where on the one side, these devices make your life easier, on the other hand, one little negligence may hurt you badly. Below is the method as to how these olive pullers can be used safely:

  1. Clean: You should make sure that the pulley is clean and tidy before actually using it. Also, there should be no burrs at its edges.
  2. Insert and retract spindle: Firstly, you have to insert the spindle into the body and retract it as long it may go. Afterwards, fit in the olive puller in the pipe.
  3. Screw: Secondly, you have to screw the body into the compression fitting.
  4. Rotation: Thirdly, you should rotate the spindle using T-bar handle. As soon as the spindle is pushed against the pusher, the olives get extracted from the pipe.
  5. Unscrew: Now, your task is over. You just have to unscrew the puller, e. you should take out the nut from the body slowly.

Final Verdict

To decide the best model for you from an amazing list is naturally a difficult task. Olive pullers make the task of removing olives like walking in the park. The models for which I have fallen are the Olive Puller SIL316Plumbing Hand Tools Brass (15 & 22mm) Extractor Pipe. The reason why I have rated it as the top Oliver puller for copper pipes is that the material used is excellent.

The striking feature about it is that it can be used for all plumbing as well as gas pipework. Also, this puller comes out to be ideal to be used where you cannot shorten the pipes. You don’t have to worry about its durability a puller will last long and will not have to be replaced soon.

At last, the choice is totally yours. Just I want to suggest that you should be very wise at the time of choosing these pullers. You should not hesitate to pay extra if you are getting the top quality model in return.

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