Capri Tools MiniKlinge Mini Tube Cutter, Blue

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MiniKlinge tube cutter has been produced by Capri tools. Known by its name, the manufacturer has focused largely on providing refined, ergonomically designed cutter which would not only assist you in repairs and maintenance but would also give you a memorable experience and make your work fun!

Product Specifications:

MiniKlinge tube cutter is a fine tool made up of high-quality aluminum casting. It has a 1/8″ – 1 1/8″ Outer diameter range which grants this tube cutter the ability to cut pipes having various diameters. ¬†Its dimensions are 6 x 3.5 x 1 inches, and its weight is 7.2 ounces.

The tube cutter is available in blue color which is graceful itself hence the tool would be a beautiful addition to your tool box. It has an exceptionally sharp blade which not only helps in slicing PVC pipes but has the strength to cut copper, brass and aluminum pipes too. Moreover, the tube cutter is ergonomically designed hence it is comfortable to work with, and its textured body gives it a nice grip, assisting the plumbers to work with it.

In addition to this, the unique design simplifies cutting the pipes into three simple steps; all you have to do is rotate the knob so the cutter can grip the pipe and then revolve the tube cutter to tighten the grip. The extremely sharp blades will be grooved inside the pipe and slice it into two pieces smoothly!

Pros and cons:

Using MiniKlinge tube cutter has a lot of advantages.  Firstly the capacity allows it to be used for multiple pipes and the size makes it easy-to-use as it is lightweight and can be used easily in tight areas. Moreover, the design of the tube cutter is ideal which makes it a good choice as it makes cutting simpler and gives perfect finishing to the edges of the pipe.

Another advantage is that it has a razor sharp blade which slices the tubes smoothly and within no time. MiniKlinge tube cutter is a high-quality product, it is durable and efficient hence 92% people have given it five stars on Amazon and no real complaints have been received proving it to be a wonderful choice.

Why should I buy it?

All you need from a tube cutter is fine cutting of the pipes! The extraordinarily sharp blade makes it a perfect choice for you as it cuts the pipes smoothly leaving clean round edges.

Another appeal attached to the purchase of MiniKlinge tube cutter is that it has a capacity to cut a variety of pipes, concerning different sizes and materials, so this one tube cutter could be a life saver whether you want to cut a metal pipe or a plastic one!

Along with this, the tube cutter is handy and has a lifetime warranty which makes it worth purchasing.

Final verdict:

MiniKlinge tube cutter is a profitable purchase to make as it can not only be used for various pipes but also makes it a quick and easy process. It is available at a very reasonable price, and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

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