How to Cut Your Copper Plumbing Pipe In Tight Spaces

How to Cut Your Copper Plumbing Pipe In Tight Spaces

It is impossible that you would not get to deal with a copper plumbing pipe once in a while. They are used in wide applications and in different capacities in our houses and buildings. Cutting a copper plumbing pipe is apparently simple and straight forward and that is exactly what it is but, only if you have enough space to work on it. The two handle copper pipe cutters are very common and easily available in the market. They do the job perfectly well. On the other hand, if you are dealing with your copper plumbing pipes which are situated in tight spaces, you can have a serious task on your hand. Your normal or regular copper pipe cutter won’t fit there and it could be a really stressful task.

However, for every problem there is a solution and in case you are trying to figure out the right solution for cutting your copper pipes, you are at the very right place to know all there is about it. we are going to discuss how to cut your copper plumbing pipe in tight spaces in detail and by the end of this article, you will feel like an expert of dealing with copper pipes located at confined places.  We will tell you how to cut your copper pipes located at tight spaces and we will suggest you the best product that will help you do achieve that.

  • Using your regular copper pipe cutter


The regular or most widely used copper plumbing pipe cutters are one of the most reliable ways to cut your copper plumbing pipe in tight spaces only if you get your hands on the right one. Most of them are sized and shaped in a way that would not fit into your needs of cutting your copper pipes. However, there are some of these cutters which come in very convenient sizes and are designed to help you in tight spaces. Their heads are sharp and small and the handles are long. They have two long handles which are of perfect length to make sure you get you use very less of your effort and the tool does the job for you.

These copper pipe cutters come in a slightly costly price compared to your other options but these are the one who will serve you for many years. They bring you the best of convenience and are very straight forward to use. They require one hand operation and your task is accomplished within seconds considering that you have the right one in your hand. This way of cutting your copper pipes is rare because it is only effective to some extent, in case you have a little bit of space to work with, very well! Otherwise you might see this one failing to perform dealing with very tight spaces. Let us look at one of this kind of cutters in the market;


Suggested Product:



This is one of the most durable copper plumbing pipe cutters that you will find in the market. This product will get your attention right away with the way it looks. Just the looks will tell you that this baby means serious business. It has been made incredibly impressive with its construction and design. It looks very precious and that is exactly what it is. This is the kind of cutter that will last a lifetime and that is why even if it seems a little costly, it’s worth every penny that you will spend on it. The head of the cutter (the jaws) seem to be ideally designed to get you into tight spaces and make it easy and faster for you to cut through pipes.


It has actually been designed to work for hard wires but in case you are working with considerably soft pipes, this cutter will come in very handy to use. The handles of the cutter are made to be a bit long which actually depicts the perfect length that you need to make sure you are using the minimum of your effort and getting the very best of your tool. The overall construction is premium and you will never see yourself complaining about this cutter. The handles are wrapped with rubber covers to make sure you have a very comfortable, smooth and non-slip grip. The overall weight of this cutter is also very decent which will only aide you into doing your task effectively. You have all the reasons to go for this cutter.




  • straight head with bevel and esd safe PVC dip-coating
  • sturdy and durable construction
  • small and sharp jaw head
  • long and convenient handles
  • smooth, comfortable and non-slip grip


  • Using the knob type copper pipe cutter



This is one of the most comfortable ways to cut your copper plumbing in tight spaces among all your options. It does require some of your patience as it takes a bit of time but when it comes to dealing with copper pipes at tighter spaces, we don’t know of a better way than this one. These cutters are designed especially for that. They are small in size, they easily penetrate around your pipes and gets the job done.


These cutters are also very cheap when it comes to the price and that is why they have been used widely by the professionals and just for your home needs. You need to have this kind of cutter at your house to complete your tool kit. These cutters use ball bearings or roller and a moving jaw which is controlled by the knob. All you need to do is position your cutter on the pipe, place it along the ball bearings and use the knob to close the mouth (jaw) of the cutter and when you tighten the jaws, your pipe will break from the point you positioned it into. These small tools are really incredible. They use the very basic science and does the job perfectly well for you.


The only downfall this tool has is that it takes your time, you will have to use both of your hands, get it positioned and then use the knob. Apart from that there is no other reason why you should not be using this way. It gives a very clean and precise cut to your pipes so you don’t need to worry about getting a rough pipe. However, these cutters are everywhere in the market and obviously not all of them are as good as you would expect. You need to be careful getting the very best for yourself and to make that easy for you, we have a suggested product.


Suggested Product:



This product has been rated as good as perfect by the customers and that is why it is our best rated copper plumber cutter that you can trust blindly with your money. It is an essential tool for working in tight and cramped spaces, the RIDGID 101 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter is a handy tool for any plumber’s toolbox. With tough cutting jobs in mind, this metal tube cutter is specially designed for use in restricted spaces on small diameter tubing. Constructed for durability and ease of use, the tube cutter has strong yet lightweight slide-and-wheel housing and a large knurled feed screw knob that produces clean cuts through easy control of cutting pressure. This copper pipe cutter also comes at a very fair price and brings you the very best value to your money. You have all the reasons to put your trust and money on this tool.


You will need to fix your pipe around it and use the knob to tighten the jaws against your pipe and while doing that you will have the very best of clean cut that you have been looking for. It uses two different rollers positioned just perfectly with space between them, when you get your pipe in the jaw along with those rollers and start closing the jaw with the knob, the science of pressure starts to act. The pressure between those two rollers get high, they put pressure on the pipe and there you have your cut that you need. You might think that it takes a lot of effort to use this tool but it does not. It is one of the best way to get your pipes cut which are located at hard-to-reach areas. It takes less effort from your part and does the job perfectly well. It is ideal for working in tight spaces and the overall built of this tools makes sure it brings you years of service.



  • Perfect for hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass and plastic tubing
  • easy control of cutting pressure for clean cuts
  • Rollers include grooves for close-to-flare cuts
  • Comes with a spare cutter wheel in knob


  • Using the ring like copper pipe cutter

There are these ring like or circular copper pipe cutters that are also very famous among the customers. They are very simple to use and they come in different sizes. You can even get them in a package of different sizes all together as a kit and that would be enough to deal with any of your copper pipes located at any kind of tight spaces. Using this cutter is incredibly easy, all you need to do is put them on to your pipes where you need the cut and follow the arrow to revolve them around the pipe. Just tight them like a screw and you will get a clean and smooth cut in no time.


This is one of the most effective ways to get your pipes cut but sometimes you might feel very uncomfortable working with them. You will need to have them in different sizes and not just one cutter would do the job for all your copper pipes and that is why this kind of cutter second to only knob type pipe cutters. It is one of the affordable ways to cut your plumbing pipe in tight spaces. If you are going for this way of cutting your pipes, you will need to make sure you get your hands on the right product and our suggested product is the option that you should be considering.

Suggested Product:


Talking about the very best in business, there is no way we could have ignored this product. Making into any list of the very best copper pipe cutters is a walk in the park for this cutter. This is a great tool to have when you don’t have enough swing room to use a full size tubing cutter. You can cut copper tubing with less than one inch of clearance. And it’s ideal for stub-out work. Considering the performance it offers, it is actually a very cheap copper plumber pipe cutter when it comes to the price and it’s quicker than conventional cutters. Just snap it on the tube, close the gate and turn in either direction.


The cutter wheel automatically tightens as you turn the AutoCut- no knobs to twist. The cutter wheel is spring loaded to provide a constant cutting pressure, so you’ll never accidentally crimp the tubing. An arrow is given on the tool and that is the direction where you are supposed to be moving it and after few revolutions you will have the cut you need. This specific product is really the very best when we are talking about using the ring like copper pipe cutters, do not expect the same performance from every ring cutter that you find in the market.


  • Auto cut Tubing Cutter 1/2 Inches
  • General Wire Spring
  • Ratchet turning handle RH12 optional
  • Hardened steel cutting wheels
  • Ideal for stub-out work

Buyer’s Guide:

How to Cut Your Copper Plumbing Pipe In Tight Spaces

Cutting your copper plumbing pipes located at tight spaces could be a real trouble if you don’t have the right tools to use and to know how to use them. As we discussed, there are few very good ways to do that but you need be careful choosing your tools. The market is full of cheap products that apparently save you money and stop being effective after some time and then you have to spend more money to get them replaced. Most of these cutters do not cost you much so when it comes to few bucks, do not make a big deal out of it and spending those few extra bucks will save you trouble for a really long time and will bring value to your money. We are sure our how to cut your copper plumbing pipes in tight spaces article helped you a great deal in learning the most effective ways.

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