MAGBIT Tube Cutter Copper/EMT 1/8-Inch – 1-1/4-Inch Cut

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MAG801 is comprised of Stainless Steel and PVC. It has an Interchangeable cutting wheel that keeps away from damage and contains overwhelming turn handle which makes it simple to use. It has a deburring tool built in and cuts tube from 1/8″ measurement through 2-5/8″ breadth.

Product specification:

MAG801 has an energy to cuts EMT, Copper and stainless steel. Its cutting wheel is very sharp which helps to cut the pipe efficiently and neatly. It can cut any tube inside few moments. Also, it’s adaptable grasp can shield you from any damage.

Its reductions in a size of 1/8-Inch to 1-1/4-Inch, every item has accompanied an inherent deburring apparatus. Its substantial bend handles simple to use with gloves can make it an easy to understand the item, has wheels in handles which you can change at whatever point is required.

Additionally has an extra cutting wheel in the handle, ready to Cuts Copper/EMT, Stainless Steel, and PVC effectively.

Pros and cons:

MAG801 is made of Stainless Steel and PVC. It has an Interchangeable cutting wheel that keeps away from harm, helps you if the wheel get damage. Moreover it is very simple in use and has an easy grasp even the beginner can use it easily and it also has a de-burring built in tool. It Cuts tube from 1/8″ breadth through 2-5/8″ width. MAG801 use to show off about 3/4″ EMT Conduit and didn’t have an issue whatsoever.

It is very easy to use MAG801 you mark a spot with a pen or marker, fix down the cutter ideal on that stamp, then make around 2-3 revolutions to ensure, then turned the handle about a quarter turn, then rehash the 2-3 pivots/control setting until you cut the distance, however. At that point, after that first cut, you have a decent notch, and you can do the rest soon. So, it is very easy to use and a productive tool, even a beginner can use it more efficiently.

Why should I buy it?

MAG 801 gives you everything in an affordable price also an excellent quality. It cuts in copper/EMT, chrome steel, and PVC, has a measurement bring down – 1/eight-Inch to no less than one-1/four-Inch, most surprising element is that it has a de-burring programming in-assembled, Heavy bend handle easy to make utilization of with gloves, wheels in handles.

MAGBIT 801 has shoddy and most minimal costs in outlets and stores and gives you the greatest advantage. So this tool has everything that is required in a tube cutter tool.  

Final verdict

MAG801 is a thing having the capacity to fulfill each and every possible need of the customers. Its arrangement and straightforward particulars outflank the fighting stuff. Furthermore it also offers a lifetime guarantee.   

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