6 Best Rated PVC Pipe Cutters Available in the Market

pvc pipe cutters

Before the invention of PVC pipe cutters, until about 1979, saws were used to cut the PVC pipes. If you are into plumbing or have recently intended to fix some PVC pipes yourself, can you imagine carrying out this task without the handy, scissor-like Plastic pipe cutter you have around?

Pipe cutters are truly a blessing which just has not evolved the plumbing, mechanical and waterworks industry but cutting pipes neatly and quickly seems impossible without them now!

Now that you are in need to purchase a Plastic pipe cutter, you would definitely be confused about which one to buy as internet provides you with innumerable options from the entire world.

Obviously it requires time to read through the specifications of each model therefore we are simplifying your choices by summarizing the reviews of Amazon’s best sellers to bring to you the finest PVC pipe cutter matching your needs!

Cobra Products Ratcheting PVC Cutter

Cobra Products PST002 Ratcheting PVC Cutter 1-5/8"
List Price: $24.99
Price: $11.86
You Save: $13.13
Price Disclaimer

This pipe cutter is not made for PVC pipes only but can also cut through vinyl & rubber up to 1-5/8″ OD.  So this one purchase could help you deal with various kinds of pies and would simplify your task. It is manufactured in China and is highly durable.

The body is epoxy coated, and the pipe cutter is black in color. Now, who doesn’t like black? It as a graceful color hence this Ratcheting PVC Cutter would fit perfectly into your toolbox and is greatly admired by professional plumbers.  

Beyond this, what users want the most from a PVC pipe cutter is a flashing speed and smooth cut. Cobra PVC Cutter has it all to offer! It has an extremely sharp blade which makes cutting plastic and rubber pipes a piece of cake.

Within seconds it chops off the pipe, and the cut is smooth leaving behind no rough edges. It also has an ergonomically designed body which is easy to grip and gives it a scissors-like feel. As Cobra products are extensively known for their high quality, they also keep in mind user convenience.

Therefore, this pipe cutter additionally has a safety latch to keep you protected. You can keep it closed when not in use and eliminated the possibility of any harm.  This pipe Cutter is ideal for cutting vinyl and rubber pipes and also has replacement blades easily accessible in the markets.

You would never regret purchasing this Ratcheting PVC Cutter as it has the best specifications and the highest ratings by the customers!

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Superior Tool Company PVC Pipe Cutter

If you are a plumber, then you may often have to deal with pipes which are broader than your pipe cutter can hold and it must be annoying when you cannot carry out a task only because the existing pipe cutters do not have the capability to cater larger pipes right?  Hence Superior Tools Company brings to you the solution to this!

This Plastic Pipe Cutter is a heavy duty pipe cutter as the name says because it has an exclusive capacity to cut pipes having a diameter equal to 2 inches. The capacity is of immense importance because your investment should give the value you expect from it so the pipe cutter should have enough capacity to cut through more types of pipes as you are paying a reasonable amount to get it.

Moreover, this pipe cutter has wide, hooked jaws to hold the pipes firmly and the sharp blades make sure that the cut is clean and straight.  It is way more efficient than a hacksaw as the cut is finer and the usage is secure.  It is made up of strong metal which can withstand damages, therefore, it would last long and is durable.

Along with this, this cutter is a wise choice because the replacement blades are easily available so it can serve you longer than you can imagine. To be precise, along with other benefits it would prevail; this is an essential addition to your toolbox so that a question mark is never put upon your expertise just because you could not handle a larger pipe!

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RIDGID Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter

Of course, when you are making a decision where to invest you need a maximum return from it right? You need the most out of the money you have spent so RIDGID 23488 Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter will surely satisfy you as this one PVC cutter can be used to cut all these types of plastic pipes. Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, it can cut the pipes having a diameter ranging from 3mm to 42mm so it is a multipurpose pipe cutter which would prove to be highly beneficial if you are a plumber, a machinist or even if you require it at home. RIDGID Plastic Pipe Cutter has spring loaded handles which help in quick positioning and holds the pipes firmly.

It additionally has a razor-sharp blade which slices off the pipe in a single stroke. This pipe cutter requires minimal effort and provides best results. It makes your job quick, and the outcome is to the degree of perfection.

The blades of pipe cutters wear off with time hence buying replacement blades is much of a hassle. You need to roam around the markets to search for a single blade that fits in your pipe cutter and their availability is always doubtful.

Anytime you can expect to hear ‘this model has gone obsolete now, replacement blades aren’t available anymore’ or ‘there is a shortage, come back some other time’ which is disappointing and would interrupt your work as well. So far we could only imagine having an irreplaceable blade, but RIDGID has made this dream come true!

This Pipe and Tubing Cutter has a reversible blade which has a life twice that of an ordinary blade, so you don’t have to run looking for replacement blades anytime soon! Along with this, this pipe cutter produced by RIDGID is available at a very low price, and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty! What more could you ask for?

RIDGID Ratcheting Plastic Pipe Cutter

This is a perfectly designed PVC pipe cutter offering all the best features a high standard pipe cutter should have. All the consumer friendly specifications have been clustered into this single tool hence it an exceptionally wonderful pipe cutter and have satisfied customers all around the globe.

RIDGID 23498 Model RC-1625 Ratcheting Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter have been developed for cutting all sorts of plastics including Polyvinyl Chloride and Cross linked Polyethylene. It also has the capability of cutting a rubber hose and can easily cut off multilayered tubes too.  

Moreover, It has a replaceable X-CEL blade which can easily be changed and is sharp beyond your imagination. It provides clean cuts within no time that is why it is immensely popular among experts. This pipe cutter has the capacity to cut pipes with the diameter as large as 42mm. It also has a burr-less cutting operation, because of which It has been successful in providing smooth square cuts.

Furthermore, the pipe cutter is ergonomically designed for easy grip; it has a nominal weight for your ease and also has a pipe measurement scale. This manual cutter is made up of durable aluminum which guarantees its long life and has a beautiful appearance.

Although it is costly comparatively; This pipe Cutter is too perfect that the professional plumbers and electricians who have spent their lives dealing in tools can pick this one from a million pipe cutters!

CECII PVC Pipe Plumbing Cutter

For the ones who are not professional plumbers or mechanics and just want a pipe cutter for their home toolbox, CECII PVC Pipe Cutter is the one!

The most significant attraction it holds is the minimal amount of price the company is charging so for the customers who just want it to fix some pipes at home there isn’t a better option than this PVC Pipe Cutter!

This pipe cutter is suitable for all kinds of plastic pipes and is appropriate for cutting pipes having a maximum diameter of 42mm. The best feature a pipe cutter can have is a greater capacity because there is no standardized size all pipes would have. Hence a pipe cutter will only be useful if it can be applied to diverse materials and a wide range of sizes. It excels clearly at this; making it the most preferred pipe cutter among non-professionals.

Besides this, it only weighs 4.8 pounds and has been designed ergonomically for easy handling. It has a hard aluminum body and has been structured well for your hand to sit comfortably on it while using. Along with this, the outer body is made up in bright yellow color in combination with black which would add further beauty to your toolbox.

It is a manual, easy-to-use apparatus which would be a source of super convenience for you. This PVC Pipe Cutter has been successful in satisfying its customers largely and if you are confused about which model to purchase, don’t waste any more time on thinking, just go and grab this superb pipe cutter immediately!

RIDGID 23493 Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter

Presenting to you the Last PVC pipe cutter on our list which is The RIDGID 23493 PC-1375 plastic pipe and tubing cutter. This is a nominally priced pipe cutter launched by RIDGID to fulfill your needs at a reasonable price! It is of standard quality, made up of thick aluminum which has high strength and excellent corrosion resistance making it useful for heavy-duty tasks.

The appearance is quite graceful too; it has a silver-grey exterior and a textured body for a firm grip. The pipe cutter can cut a wide range of plastic and the sharp knife-like blades have the strength to cut through multilayered tubes as well. Along with this, the pipe cutter can easily slice pipes having an outer diameter of 3mm to 32mm.

This is highly recommended for regular pipes because of its capacity. Moreover, the blade is too sharp that it can cut off any pipe in a single stroke consuming minimum time and effort! No doubt this model is of immense value to a plumber due to its high productivity and efficiency, but it is of equal utility to a homeowner who loves to maintain his house and has a DIY attitude.

This plastic pipe and tubing cutter have spring loaded handles for faster positioning and easily replaceable blades for user convenience.

This plastic pipe cutter produced by RIDGID is a perfect tool to be added to your toolbox as it will prove to solve all of your issues involving PVC pipes and will continue to simplify your chores! It features all the specifications one could desire for and has been admired by the customers greatly.

We hope that we have been successful in filtering your options and have evaluated the six best-selling plastic pipe cutters nicely for your help. We are certain that you would be able to take the most out of our website and this would lead you to make the right purchase which you would not regret in future!


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