Top 5 PVC Plastic Pipe Cutters For Plumbers with Pipe Slicer Technology

Top 5 PVC Plastic Pipe Cutters For Plumbers

Those people who are associated with PVC pipe work they may need PVC pipe cutters. Whether you are a DIY person or a plumber, you need best quality PVC cutter to make the things easier. You can cut any pipe easily with PVC plastic pipe cutter, and it helps give proper shape to the pipe as well. Plumbing can be easy by choosing right PVC plastic pipe cutters. You may find a wide range of PVC pipe cutter for a plumber in the market, but you should choose the right one.

Poor selection of cutters may become a problem so better choose the right product. You can consider some recommendations as per this guide. We have come up with the detailed guide and reviews of top 5 PVC pipe cutters.  Here in this guide, we have mentioned best plastic pipe cutter for plumbers based on users reviews and quality; you can choose any one that fits your budget and plumbing need.

Detailed Product Reviews of the Top 5 PVC Plastic Pipe Cutters in 2019!

1. KSEIBI PVC Pipe Plumbing Tube Plastic PVC & Hose Cutter (141780) Plumbers & Pliers Tool (QUICK)

Top 5 PVC Plastic Pipe Cutters For Plumbers

This is an amazing cutting tool that helps cut tubes and PVC pipe. It comes with a ratchet handle and amazingly designed cutter blade.  This lightweight cutting tool is easy to carry and use. This is durable as it is made up of the heavy-duty steel body. The quick change blade design makes it very easy to use as you can change blades within few seconds.

It works by ratcheting mechanism that helps reduce the hand force amount that is required to cut hard plastic.  You can go for a square cut with fewer efforts due to its burr-less cutting operation. The ratcheting tubing cutter is designed with aluminum that ensures high quality and durability.  Its high-quality material and amazing design make it best to use for heavy duty.

What did we like?

  • Replaceable cutting blades to make the cutting operations quick
  • Durable material
  • Amazing construction
  • Appropriate for heavy duty use and multilayer tubing
  • Cutting range is up to 42 mm
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Lightweight
  • Lock provides extra safety in closed position

What did not we like?

  • You need to apply some force to pull the handle apart for opening the jaws with blade
  • It does not cut metal
  • It is designed with sturdy material
  • It is good for straight cut but not square cuts

Our Verdict

This product is however not a great cutting tool and does not suitable to cut metal, but this is a great product to cut PVC pipe at this price.

2. AIRAJ (2302) Plastic PVC Plastic Plumbing Tube Cutter Tool (1/8 – 1-5/8 inches)

Top 5 PVC Plastic Pipe Cutters For Plumbers

If you are looking for durable pipe cutter to cut plastic tubing, PVC pipe, and rubber tubing, then it would be a great option. It is designed with durable material, and it works on the Ratchet drive technology. It can save your time and strength at the same time.  It comes with one hand tube cutter that helps cut out straight easily and quickly.  This is easy to carry as it is designed with safe stainless steel buckle lock.

This is an awesome tool that is good to use for a wide range of tubes and pipes (rubber hose, PE, PEX, PP and more.) It is an ideal for vehicle mechanism, plumber, and DIY men. This is fine and useful.

What did we like?

  • Portable
  • Stainless steel safe lock
  • One hand tube cutter helps cut pipe quickly and conveniently
  • Durable
  • Easy to use and store
  • Works great
  • It helps reduce your efforts and cutting time

What did not we like?

  • Expensive
  • Quality issue

Our Verdict

This is a good cutting tool that can be used in daily life. However, you can find it a little expensive, but it helps make your cutting tasks easy and fast.

3. RIDGID Model PTEC 3000 PVC Plastic Drain Pipe Cutter (41608) – (1-1/4 inches and 1-1/2 inches)

Top 5 PVC Plastic Pipe Cutters For Plumbers

If you are looking for a great and fast PVC pipe cutter, then it would be the nice option to look for.  It ensures a perfect cut whenever you use it. This cutter comes with steel cutting blades which are replaceable.  It comes with spring-loaded handles that make it good for instant adjustment to the pipe of any size. It comes with lots of features that help fast positioning. A steel blade offers single stroke and fast cut without twisting and ratcheting.

You can also achieve burr-less cutting operation with this tool. It also comes with an ergonomic grip handle that helps get an effortless square cut. This is an exclusive and innovative cutter that executes a fast, clean and straight cut on plastic tubes which even have a thin wall.

What did we like?

  • Innovative and amazing design
  • It provides automatic and clean deburring
  • This is a versatile cutter that permits users to deburr, cut and bevel in one step
  • Amazingly designed with open bore that helps cut one and a half inch single flange
  • It helps cut PP, PE and PVC tubes effectively
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Quality material
  • Designed with aluminum that makes it suitable for heavy-duty use

What did not we like?

  • Small in size
  • You may have some issues when making square cuts
  • Cutter may get jammed when debris stuck in between frame and blade in closed position

Our Verdict

You will get a lifetime warranty on the products. This is suitable for heavy-duty use as it is designed with the high-quality material. You can go for it.

4. LULUYUKI PVC/PPR Cutters for Professional Plumbing and Tubing (1.7”)

Top 5 PVC Plastic Pipe Cutters For Plumbers

If you are looking very strong PVC pipe cutter, you can go for it. This high-quality cutter has length 7.9 inches. This is designed with aluminum and stainless material that ensures the strength, endurance, and durability.  It comes with automatic gear that helps save your efforts and time to a great extent.

It can cut the pipes and tubes sharply as sharp stainless steel blades work effectively.  It can cut PVC and PEX pipe up to 1-inch sizes.

What did we like?

  • Stainless steel blades ensure sharp and clear-cut
  • Aluminium body ensures strength and endurance
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic gear to save your efforts and time
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Safety lock feature to ensure security

What did not we like?

  • Hard to get perfect square cut
  • Grip fork is not wide
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

You can use it to cut smaller pipe but you cannot use it for bigger pipes, but this is a good cutter that you get at this price. This is a very sharp cutter that helps fix small problems associated with cut through one inch Pipe.

5. Fixtec 42mm PVC Pipe Cutter Pipe for Plumbing (1-5/8″)

Top 5 PVC Plastic Pipe Cutters For Plumbers

This is an amazing cutter that offers the finest quality when it comes to material and working. It has a comfortable handle that offers you perfect grip and reduces your efforts.  This is the perfect tool for daily use as it offers clear, clean and sharp cut. It is easy to use, carry and store. It can be used to cut a wide variety of pipes. Aluminium handle offers you stability during operation and proper support to your wrist and hand.

It comes with a sharp and rigid blade that helps offer clean and sharp cut. You can complete your job easily and quickly with this tool.

What did we like?

  • It produces sharp and clean cut
  • Aluminium handle to ensure comfort and durability
  • High-quality cutter
  • Easy to use and carry
  • No strain and pain in wrist or hand
  • Durable
  • Can be used to cut wide varieties of pipe

What did not we like?

  • It is not suitable for square cut
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

This is a durable cutter, and you can use it for cutting a wide range of pipes. However you can’t use it for clean and sharp square cut, but still, it makes great value for your money.

How to cut PVC plastic pipes in the best way?

The PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) pipes are used widely in the construction as it is the versatile structural material available in the market. The PVC pipe is cut to the right size to use it efficiently in the building process. There are several ways to cut the PVC plastic pipe, but this article will explain the best methods.

The Best Methods to Cut the Pipe

The best tools that are used to cut the tools efficiently and safely are:

1. Ratchet-Style Pipe Cutter

The ratcheting-style pipe cutter is used to cut the PVC pipe perfectly without much effort without any wastage. It is available at the local hardware store in the plumbing section, so it is easy to find. The bottom jaw holds the pipe securely to make a clean cut without causing any harm. The unique design with the alloy steel blade is durable and runs for a long time. It is a good investment as it can cut larger pieces of PVC.

2. Rotating Pipe Cutter

It is a tool that provides a clean cut of the PVC pipe. It is the convenient way of cutting the plastic pipes without causing any harm.

3. Power Miter Saw

The Power Miter Saw is slightly expensive than the other tools available in the market for cutting the PVC pipe but is a great tool. It can cut large quantities of PVC pipes within a short time. It gives a clean cut with no wastage and better precision.

Though hacksaw is the inexpensive method to cut the PVC pipes, the tools discussed here perform better without exerting more power.

How to choose the Best PVC Plastic Pipe Cutter for Yourself?

Getting the pipelines done right for the house are crucial for they define the entire flow of water and act as a support structure for the entire drainage system. Cutting the right length of the pipe helps in optimizing the material and reduces wastage largely.

PVC pipe cutters are usually found with people who are involved in plumbing services and even household enthusiast who like DIY. A decent PVC pipe cutter is one which is equipped with sharp edges, easy to operate and sufficiently smooth to cut through the hardest of the material like butter.

If you are looking forward to upgrading your toolset with the latest cutters available in the market, look out for the cutters edge that is treated well and sharpened. Multiple heat processes go into making the cutting device worth every penny. Therefore, leading experts and users worldwide recommend a cutting edge that is made out of steel.

Look out for ripped edges that might give it a rough look. However, it could be due to heat treatment process. Leave those damaged cutters for they do not ensure a smoother cut. Additionally, it would lead to uneven surfaces, and you would end up wasting expensive PVC material for no reason at all. Moreover, uneven cuts make it difficult to handle them, and you could end up injuring yourself.

Therefore, look out for tightening components that have spares available easily. Most cutters tend to wear out after a while. Therefore, it is wise to pick out the best ones that can be fixed even if they get damaged.

Final Verdict

Sometimes it becomes hard for the people to choose the right tool to cut PVC pipes. So here we have mentioned top plastic pipe-cutter product review in this guide, it would help select the right tool for you. These reviews can help buy best PVC cutter.  However, all five products work great but 5.

Fixtec 42mm PVC Pipe Cutter for plumbing professionals (1-5/8″) is the clear winner that makes the value of your money by offering excellent features at this price, so go for it. Hope you like the guide, do comment if you have any query.

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