TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter 1/2-Inch to 2-Inch O.D

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An Efficient, vigorous steel development permits the TEKTON Pipe Cutter to handle visit plumbing undertakings easily and effectiveness. Its Quality and solidness originate from the overwhelming obligation mold-able steel outline and set blend steel cutting wheel.

An additional extensive T-handle screw encourages exact conformity of cutting weight a smooth, brisk and straightforward process. Parallel guide rollers guarantee square slices through copper, metal, aluminum, thin-divider steel and a metal course that is between 1/2.

Product specification:

West coast instruments are glad to exhibit the splendid TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter 1/2-Inch to 2-Inch O.D with such a large number of various elements. The TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter 1/2-Inch to 2-Inch O.D. will be positively and a phenomenal purchase.

It has Heavy-obligation pliable steel outline, solidified amalgam steel slicing wheel which is utilized to Cuts through copper, metal, aluminum, thin-divider steel, and metal course. Also, it has, additional extensive T-handle screw encourage for exact change of cutting weight and has parallel guide rollers which guarantee square cuts.

For such a stunning value, the TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter 1/2-Inch to 2-Inch O.D. is exceedingly regarded and is a popular decision with many individuals. TEKTON have given some decent touches and this equivalent extraordinary incentive for cash.

Pros and cons:

TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter Cut copper, metal, aluminum, and thin-divider steel, square cut on metal and plastic tubing with the TEKTON Tubing Cutter. It contains a Flexible Tubing Cutter For copper, metal, aluminum, and dark iron pipe and thin-divider conductor 1/2-inch to 2-inch O.D.

If you are looking for all this then pick the TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter. An absolute necessity for gas line and other pipes ventures, it’s neater and more secure than a hacksaw for cutting other metal tubes, covering and bolsters pieces and handrails on stairways and decks. Square Cut Wide, cleaned direct rollers travel quickly around a pipe, keeping composite steel slicing wheel straight and consistent with convey a square cut unfailingly.

Extensive T-handle makes it agreeable and simple to modify sustain weight and work cutter, even with gloves on. An overwhelming obligation pliant steel outline gives beyond any doubt quality and long administration life.

Why should I buy it?

It Currently Viewing Jaw Capacity 1/8-inch – 5/8-inch O.D. 3/8-inch – 1-1/8-inch O.D. 1/8-inch – 1-1/8-inch O.D. 1/8-inch – 1-1/4-inch O.D. 1/2-inch – 2-inch O.D. 1-5/8-inch (1-1/2-inch O.D.) Materials Copper metal aluminum thin-divider steel, plastic Copper metal aluminum thin-divider steel and plastic and metal conductor PVC CPVC PEX polyethylene and flexible hose.

In all this specification this tool is a perfect for cutting pipe specially the gas pipe and it is easy to use which make it more efficient.

Final verdict

TEKTON 6463 Pipe Cutter is an excellent apparatus to be purchased. It is super-productive in its capacities and has many components to having the capability to coordinate with your necessities. Above all, no objections have been accounted for on the item. Consequently, it is protected to buy the organization yet is confident about its high caliber and well being.

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