TEKTON 6460 Tubing Cutter 1/8-Inch to 1-1/8-Inch O.D.

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TEKTON is a remarkable name in the tool industry for their customer service and for providing well-designed tools at an economical price hence this tube cutter is an innovative model designed by TEKTON which not only aims to assist the professionals but its durability and structure make the process more quick and easier.

Product Specifications:

TEKTON 6460 Tubing Cutter has a unique design and shape which not only differentiates it in appearance but also in its performance and functions.

It has a large rigid knob to adjust the pressure and has grooved rollers to deliver a square cut every time. TEKTON 6460 has a 1/8-inch to 1-1/8-inch capacity, and the cutter can be used to chop off brass, copper, aluminum, thin-wall steel and plastic tubes. Furthermore, the cutting wheel is razor sharp and made up of strong steel, so it tends to cut the pipes smoothly. The size of the tube cutter is 6.7 x 4.1 x 0.9 inches, and the weight is 8 ounces. It additionally has a built-in reamer which helps in cleaning off the burr.

Pros and cons:

The most significant benefit associated with TEKTON 6460 Tubing Cutter is that it has a retractable reamer blade unlike most of the other models.

This helps in executing your work to the degree of perfection as the reamer blade can be used to clean off the burr after cutting. Besides this, the tube cutter has a guaranteed durability as it is made up of rugged aluminum and the blade is exceptionally sharp made up of tough steel alloy, therefore, cutting the pipes has become way easier with TEKTON 6460.

This tube cutter has been highly praised due to the features it has, however, its cons are that the tube cutter failed to cut neatly and the edges were found to be unleveled and untidy. Moreover, users also found out that the blade wasn’t as sharp and strong as claimed and it failed to cut pipes made up of brass.

Why should I buy it?

For TEKTON 6460 Tubing Cutter the name says it all! TEKTON has proved itself regarding its durability and supreme quality hence the consumer should purchase it without a doubt! Moreover, its resistant body, lightweight, and compact size makes it a preferable choice

Final verdict:

To sum it up, TEKTON 6460 is a tube cutter available at a very low price. It can withstand strong materials and to cut thick and wide, both pipes, however, the performance turned out to be disappointing for many hence the consumers are advised to make a careful choice.

Another perspective important to highlight is that as the price charged is minimal, and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty hence trying this versatile tube cutter is not a risky option.

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