Things to Look for while Buying a PVC Pipe Cutter

pvc pipe cutters

PVC pipes are available in a wide range of variations in the market. They are highly versatile so several types of tools can be used make proper cuts. Each of these tools has its own merits and demerits. One of the prominent tools that are widely used is the ratcheting PVC pipe cutters, especially if you are using new PVC pipes for your project or some minor domestic use then these cutters are the most dependable option.

what is the Things to Look for while Buying a PVC Pipe Cutter?

Here is all that you should know about top PVC pipe cutters before buying one:

  1. Flexibility is important: A good PVC pipe cutter must be highly flexible. It should be made of top-quality raw materials that will offer long-lasting service. Most of the manufacturers give importance to the blade. A lot of thought goes into finalizing the requirements of design, and great care has to be taken throughout the manufacturing process.
  2. Quality matters: Before you buy any product quality check is a must. One of the factors to ensure a quality pipe cutter is purchasing it from one of the top manufacturers. They would have tested the product multiple times for the durability of its blade, longevity along with several other parameters before releasing it to the market.
  3. Choose the right specifications: The limitation of PVC pipe cutters is that they can be used for limited diameters only. Cross check the specifications twice before you buy the pipe cutters.
  4. Online shopping: Most of the manufacturers have their stores on multiple e-commerce sites. This has increased convenience for the buyers to make the purchase right from their homes.
  5. Ease of payment: For hassle-free payment options you can rely on well-known shopping sites. They have secured electronic channels.
  6. Materials used: I suggest you buy cutters that are made of durable and rust free material. Anything that is made with aluminum or any of its alloys is good enough.

How to use the PVC pipe cutters?

The best-known tool to cut a PVC pipe is the ratcheting pipe cutters. They can use by both professionals and amateurs. It is also the safest method to adopt while cutting a pipe. All you have to do is insert the pipe, squeeze the handle, and release. Do this repeatedly till the pipe is cut completely.

You will have a clean cut pipe on hand without any burs to clean up. Majority of the pipe cutters have spring so that the blade will pop back out after cutting. This will give you time for to be ready for the next cut.

What are the Different Types of PVC Pipe Cutters available in the Market?

The pipe cutters are mainly produced in two variations. The first one is the plastic tubing cutter which can be used to cut relatively thin pipes like the thinner pipes. These pipe cutters look like a pair of pruning shears. Pipe cutters with sharp and adjustable jaw grips are available to cut thicker pipes. They should be rotated around the pipe and repeatedly tightened until it entirely cuts through the pipe.

Things you should keep in Mind before Using the PVC Pipe Cutters

  • You should make sure the blades are sharp enough to cut through the pipe. If you haven’t used the cutter in a long time cross check the sharpness of using it. Or else you might end up with an unevenly cut pipe.
  • Before purchasing a pipe cutter look for the diameter of the pipe, it can cut. It should match the diameter of the pipes you want to cut.
  • Most parts of the body of the PVC pipe cutter must be made of rust-free material like aluminum.
  • Be extra careful while using it for the old and brittle pipe as they may not withstand the compression pressure. The pipe will break.
  • The pipe may break even while trying to cut off a small length from the end.

Final Verdict

A lot is written about various aspects of purchasing a PVC pipe cutter, the best available options, and their reviews and so on. In the end, it all comes down to individual preferences of the customer. No doubt this article will be highly helpful while buying but it serves the purpose of reference only.

I suggest you note down your requirements about where you will use the pipe cutter, the size of the pipes, how often you will use it and the budget you want to invest into it. Match these things with the information in the article. This will leave you with the best PVC pipe cutter in 2017.

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  1. Katie Wilson says:

    My husband is trying to do some repairs around our home and needs a new pipe cutter to help with this. Because of your article, I know that you want to consider buying a pipe cutter from a top manufacturer. Since the work is somewhat dangerous, we may want to call a professional with the right tools to do the job instead.

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